Introduction to Judaism Taught Class

  1. Introduction
  2. Who is the course for?
  3. What will we cover in the course?
  4. What do I need to do before enrolling in the course?

1. Introduction

The Introduction to Judaism program is a year-long learning opportunity for adults who wish to find out about the basic beliefs, history, literature and practice of Judaism in all its diversity. The program is offered by Progressive Judaism Victoria Inc. (PJV) and meets at Temple Beth Israel most Tuesday evenings through the year. There are two intake points for the course each year - late Jan/early Feb and July. 

2. Who is the course for?

For some, this is the start of a re-acquaintance with their Judaism. Some come to class to anticipate their kids' Bat/Bar Mitzvah ceremonies or their own adult celebration. For others it is one plank in the preparation period which anticipates conversion. From time to time, non-Jews use the course to further their understanding of their own religion and their dealings with the Jewish community. Whatever your personal goal, learning about Judaism is a great pastime and we hope that this will be a year-long process which launches further curiosity about topics of particular interest. 

3. What will we cover in the course?

The Introduction to Judaism course spans two semesters. In each semester we explore the festivals that occur at that time of year. In addition, Semester A (first half of the calendar year) covers Jewish Belief, Lifecycles and Prayer while semester B (second half of the calendar year) covers Jewish History, Relgious literature and Practice. 

For more detailed information  click here for the 2015 course handbook. 

4. What do I need to do before enrolling in the course?

Entry into the course requires a sponsoring rabbi who can be any PJV rabbi and who can provide guidance and support throughout the program. Please contact the PJV office on 9533 9930, if you require the names and contact details for PJV rabbis.

Although introductory, the Introduction to Judaism course covers a great breadth of material and so prior to commencing the program it is vital to attend synagogue services for some time to become acquainted with the community (particularly if you are considering conversion) and to have done some general background reading about Judaism. There are no other formal pre-requisites.