Supplementary Study Materials


Unit 1  Jewish Time-The Cycle of the Year

  • Session 1-An Abridged Story of Esther--Click HERE.
  • Session 1-Purim and the Scroll of Esther Click HERE.
  • Session 4-The Omer, Yom HaShoah U'Gevurah, The Holocaust and Anti-Semitism  (Link coming soon)
  • Session 6-Shavu'ot, Choosing and Chosenness--Click HERE.
  • Session 6-Brief intro video about Shavu'ot history and how it is celebrated in the US Progressive Movement today Click HERE
  • Session 6-Tisha B'Av - The destruction of the Temple by Titus and his arch in Rome with the Menorah. Click HERE
  • Session 7-The Real Truth(s) About Chanukah Click HERE

Unit 2  Jewish Worship

Unit 3 The Days of Our Lives--The Jewish Lifecycle

Unit 4  Who are the Jews and how did they get here?

  • Session 2-Creation to 135CE--Click HERE for Part 1 Click HERE for Part 2.
  • Session 3-Judaism, Christianity and Islam are Siblings--Click HERE.
  • Session 4-18th Century to the Shoah--Not yet available.
  • Session 5-"The Jewish State"-Zionism and the State of Israel--Theodor Herzl wrote "Der Judenstaat" (the Jewish State, or more accurately "Jew's State") in 1896, outlining reasons for the Jewish peole to estabish a Jewish State and to be in charge of their own destiny.  It was a remarkable and unique blueprint for the establishment of a new, modern, technological, democratic and advanced state. (For example, it included overhead monorail trains and a universal seven hour working day.)  Click HERE.
  • Session 5-Palestinian rockets are still being fired into Israel – see a beautiful and creative response--Click HERE.
  • Session 5-"Is Israel Too Jewish?"  Click HERE

Unit 5 Jewish Holy Time--The High Holydays and Tishrei Festivals

Unit 6 The People of the Book

Unit 7 Jewish Living--Turning the Everyday into the Sacred

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