Progressive Judaism Victoria Inc. is the successor to the Victorian Union for Progressive Judaism which was formed over 30 years ago. PJV is the roof body and advocate for the Progressive Jewish organisations in Victoria.

The main aims of PJV are:

  • To promote and grow Progressive Judaism in Victoria
  • To co-ordinate and utilise the resources of all our member organisations for the benefit and development of the whole movement
  • To administer the life cycle events for the members state-wide
  • To administer and co-ordinate the Introduction to Judaism Course
  • To support programs that reach out to unaffiliated Jews in Victoria
  • To support and help our Netzer Youth group and fund the Zionist shlichut (leadership) program from Israel
  • To be a Progressive Jewish voice to government and non-government organisations
  • To be a strong voice within the Jewish community and represent the Progressive movement within the Jewish Community Council of Victoria and the Zionist Council of Victoria
  • To reach out to other religious bodies to create understanding between the various faiths and multicultural Victoria